Employee Secure Saver

Support your employees’ financial wellbeing and retain the best talents with a guaranteed savings solution.

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At HAYAH, we are passionate about the wellbeing of our customers and we understand the employment market challenges, the end-of-service liabilities for employers and the savings gap for individuals.

To better meet your requirements, we have designed the Employee Secure Saver plan with leading benefits and flexibility.

Whether your objective is to provide your employees with a cost-effective savings solution, attract or retain your key talents, segregate your end-of-service benefit liabilities or to simply differentiate yourself from the market, Employee Secure Saver can be tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your most important resource; your employees.

Contact our dedicated team of experts to begin customising your Employee Secure Saver plan and achieve your goals.


Key Features

HAYAH has designed the Employee Secure Saver plan with leading benefits and flexibility to meet your requirements.

  • 100% capital guaranteed savings option: Our capital protected USD General Account provided by AXA allows participants to save in a secure currency (USD) and is guaranteed to never fall in value. Past gains are protected.
  • Provide enhanced benefits to your employees and/or ringfence your end of service benefit liabilities.
  • Link enhanced benefits to length of service to encourage employee retention.
  • Cover the product and fund management charges or share these with individual employee accounts.
  • Select the flexibility available for your employees, including the facility to make voluntary lump sum contributions or pause their contributions.
  • Allow your employees to make withdrawals from their own contributions in the event of a significant financial hardship.


For you

Care: support your employees’ financial wellbeing.
Differentiate: attract and retain the best talents with our bespoke solutions.
Plan: ring-fence and invest your employees’ end-of-service benefit for growth.

For your employees

Flexible : employees may pause their plan contributions or amend them annually.
Transparent : easy to manage with no hidden fees or charges.
Affordable : employees may save as little as 1% of their basic salary per month.

For everyone 

Protection: your savings are protected. The AXA USD General Account is guaranteed to never fall in value.
Accessibility: view the progress of your plan online 24/7.

Your commitment

At outset: present Employee Secure Saver to your employees with the support of HAYAH’s communication pack.

Monthly: update and send pre-formatted spreadsheets with employee and contribution details.

Ad hoc: notify us in the event of a new start, an in-service withdrawal, completion of employment or the death of an employee.