Hospital Cash



Hospital Cash is an affordable plan, designed to support you and your loved ones with financial expenses.

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In the unfortunate event of hospitalisation (in-patient), HAYAH’s Hospital Cash plan complements your existing medical insurance policy.

This plan provides you with a daily indemnity benefit which you can use in any manner, as well as a lump sum to cover the medical expenses*, so you can focus only on your recovery.

You will be covered in the following events:

  • Hospital Income due to Accident or Sickness.
  • Accident Medical Expense Reimbursement.
  • Death due to Any Cause (optional).

The HAYAH Hospital Cash plan is one of the easiest and most effective ways to provide you with financial support if you are hospitalised.

      • No questionnaire or medical check-up is required.
      • Flexible payments; monthly or annually.
      • Worldwide coverage.
      • Cash indemnity to your beneficiaries in case you pass away due to any cause.

Coverage options:

      • Coverage up to AED 350 per day.
      • Individual plan options for you and your spouse.
      • You can insure your spouse at a discounted premium.



You are eligible for this plan as long as you are between 18 to 59 years old and a resident of the United Arab Emirates at the time of policy issuance.


You can cancel your policy at any time without incurring any fees, and also:

  • You will get a refund for the months that you paid for in advance if your policy is paid on an annual basis.
  • You will be covered until the end of the month that you paid for if your policy is paid on a monthly basis.