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Employee Protect

Ensure your employees are well protected during difficult periods in their life.

Why choose our employee life insurance coverage?

  • Employee Protect provides comprehensive protection for your most valuable asset - your employees. Our business insurance plan is designed to provide essential life insurance and critical illness cover, ensuring that your employees and their families are shielded against life's uncertainties. With additional benefits such as loss of income, repatriation, and medical reimbursement covers, Employee Protect offers a robust safety net for both employers and employees alike. 

    We’re deeply committed to efficiency and support. That’s why our UAE-based team of experts stands ready to provide fast quotations and claims processing, drawing on proven experience in employee benefits and risk management. Moreover, Employee Protect grants access to 40,000 partners across five continents through AXA Assistance, offering unparalleled support for employees travelling abroad. For extra convenience, our "Priority Screening" service ensures medical tests are brought directly to your home or office. Choose HAYAH’s Employee Protect as your UAE insurance provider for employees and empower your workforce with the protection and support they deserve.

What's included

  • A range of covers for death, critical illness and/or disability due to accident or sickness.

  • Loss of income, repatriation and medical reimbursement covers available.

  • Lightning fast quotations and claims, supported by our UAE-based team of experts with proven experience in employee benefits and risk management.

  • HAYAH’s Priority Screening brings medical tests to your home or office for your convenience.

  • Access to 40,000 partners across five continents if your employees are travelling with AXA Assistance.


  • Your business and most of your employees should be located in the UAE.

  • Click ‘Request a Quote’ to contact our dedicated team of experts to see how HAYAH can help you achieve your employee benefit goals.

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Employee Protect life plan Annexure - Critical illness

This plan provides coverage for cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart attacks, kidney failure, major organ transplants, and strokes. Download our PDF or reach out to us to find out more.

Sample Terms & Conditions

This document, along with your Proposal Form, Policy Schedule and any Endorsements forms the contract of insurance with HAYAH (the Policy).

Secure a bright future for your employees.

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