23 May 2023

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Advancing Sustainability Goals: HAYAH Insurance's Focus on Financial Inclusion

As global conversations intensify around the need for corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices, HAYAH Insurance is driving these goals by focusing on financial inclusion. HAYAH Insurance is consciously steering its strategies and operational framework towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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In the vast landscape of financial services, life insurance has often been underrated. Yet, this traditional institution holds the potential to catalyse a groundbreaking change in the realm of financial inclusion. By harnessing the transformative capabilities of modern technologies and an evolving understanding of consumer needs, the life insurance sector is uniquely poised to bridge the financial divide and empower individuals globally.


Life insurance, at its core, is a promise – a pledge to safeguard the financial stability of individuals and their families in the face of life’s uncertainties. By mitigating risks and providing economic security, life insurance has a pivotal role in cultivating financially resilient societies. However, despite its invaluable benefits, a substantial portion of the world's population remains under-insured, largely due to inaccessible or unaffordable offerings.

This underscores a massive opportunity for the life insurance industry to broaden its reach and foster financial inclusion. A shift towards more inclusive strategies can transform life insurance from a privilege for the few into a right for all.

How is HAYAH driving financial inclusion:

Digital transformation for greater accessibility

 At the heart of HAYAH Insurance's commitment to financial inclusion is the digital transformation of its services. The company recognises that, in today's digital age, technology is a powerful enabler of inclusion. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and AI, HAYAH Insurance provides its customers with a seamless, user-friendly experience, making its services more accessible to a wider audience, including those in remote and underserved areas.

Affordable insurance products for all

HAYAH Insurance is also prioritising the creation of affordable, simplified insurance products to cater to the financial needs of low-income and marginalised groups. By offering cost-effective insurance policies, HAYAH Insurance is making critical financial protection and investment tools available to those who traditionally lack access to such services, offering financial resilience and security to vulnerable groups.

Promoting financial literacy

Knowledge is power, and financial knowledge can empower individuals to improve their financial well-being. HAYAH Insurance is heavily invested in promoting financial literacy, providing educational resources and tools to help consumers understand insurance and its benefits. This commitment to educating customers about financial risks and the benefits of insurance not only drives inclusion but also aligns with sustainability goals.

Partnerships for wider reach

HAYAH Insurance understands the power of collaboration in achieving large-scale impact. By partnering with fintech companies, micro-finance institutions, and NGOs, HAYAH Insurance is extending its reach to the underserved segments of society. These strategic partnerships are key to delivering personalised and accessible financial solutions to those who need them most.

By driving financial inclusion, HAYAH Insurance is not only shaping a resilient, inclusive financial ecosystem but also playing a crucial role in advancing broader sustainability goals. As the company continues to innovate and expand its reach, HAYAH Insurance's commitment to financial inclusion will remain at the core of its sustainability agenda, embodying the ethos that financial security and prosperity should be a right for all, not a privilege for a few.
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