14 Jul 2023

  • Deep Dive by HAYAH

HAYAH Simple Saver | Panel Discussion | Mohamed Seghir & David Howard

As we have launched Simple Saver, a groundbreaking product aimed at enhancing financial inclusion, we recognise the need to bring our stakeholders on this exciting journey with us. To provide more insight into the thought process and planning that went into the creation of Simple Saver, we've organised a special Q&A session with our esteemed CEO Mohamed Seghir, as well as David Howard, our Head of Strategy & Digital Transformation. This engaging conversation is designed not only to introduce Simple Saver to the world but also to shed light on HAYAH's mission and commitment to democratising financial planning. By bringing together the key players behind Simple Saver, we aim to create a comprehensive understanding of the product, its unique features, and the transformative impact it seeks to make in the world of financial planning. Through this dialogue, we hope to reaffirm HAYAH's commitment to transparency, innovation, and customer-centric design while highlighting the dedication and strategic thought that forms the backbone of our product development process. This video serves as an invitation to our customers, potential users, and other stakeholders to step into our world, learn more about our approach, and understand how Simple Saver is set to revolutionise financial inclusion in the UAE. Please join us for this enlightening conversation and the official introduction of Simple Saver - a product created to democratise investing and bring the future of financial planning to today's savers.

14 mins. watch

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