Simple Life

HAYAH's hassle-free term insurance starting at just AED 7 per month – no medical exams, quick sign-up, instant peace of mind.

What’s included

  • Provides coverage against the following:

    • Natural Loss of Life

    • Accidental Loss of Life and

    • Accidental Loss of Life in a Common Carrier

  • Coverage up to AED 3,600,000.

  • Insure your spouse in the same policy at a discounted premium.

  • Purchase online from our website or your mobile phone within few clicks.

  • Pay premiums in a frequency that suits you – monthly or annual.

  • The premium will not change during the term of the policy.


  • You must be a UAE resident at entry.

  • Age at entry: 18-59 years.

Secure a bright future for you and your loved ones.

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