Medical insurance

Health Protect

Experience peace of mind by securing your health and financial well-being with a reliable medical insurance coverage.

What’s included

  • Choose from a menu of three plans split by two categories of cover:

    • Regional (AED 1,000,000).

    • Worldwide (AED 1,000,000 and AED 2,000,000).

  • Regulated by Dubai Health Authority.

  • In-Patient (IP) and Out-Patient (OP) benefits.

  • Pre-existing and Chronic conditions.

  • Hospital accommodation & services, surgery, laboratory, radiology, Anaesthesia, ICU, OT and more - covered up to the Annual Medical Limit.

  • Maternity, newborn cover, physiotherapy, alternative medicine, dental, and more.


  • You must be a resident of Dubai or the Northern Emirates.

  • Age at entry: 0-65 years.

Get the best care possible.

Not sure which plan is right for you?

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